Digital Oral Rehabilitation Research DIGITORR group

Creating innovative digital dentistry treatment concepts through the clinical and laboratory research

List of main publications

Main reasearch projects:

Adip workflows

Accurate digital implantology and prosthodontics (ADIP) workflows


3D bioprinting in bone regeneration


Increase your patient awareness and improve treatment outcomes.



It is a creative group of dentistry specialists led by prof. V. Rutkunas  and working on translating digital dentistry research into the clinical practice.

Research methodology used by DIGITORR team
  1. Linear and volumetric measurements of local and global deviations in 3D images obtained with industrial, lab, intra-oral, and face scanners.
  2. Object position evaluation using coordinate measurement machine (CMM).
  3. Implant placement (dynamic and static navigation) accuracy evaluation using DICOM and STL data.
  4. Surface profilometry, SEM, optic microscopy.
  5. Objective evaluations of passive-fit of prosthetic components.
  6. Biocompatibility evaluation using cell cultures.
  7. In-vivo animal model research.
  8. MicroCT analysis.
  9. Histomorphometric and histologic analysis of tissues.
  10. Testing of mechanical properties of the materials. Fatigue analysis. Mastication simulation.
  11. Digital planning of smile, implants, ortho appliances, and prostheses. 3D printing of stents, splints, aligners, models, and prostheses.
  12. Dry and wet milling.
  13. 3D bioprinting.
  14. Bruxism research using BruxAPP
  15. 3D bioprinting.

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