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Innovations by DIGITORR research team

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A new way of digital dentistry

Digital dental laboratory devoted to technologies, Research and ultimate clinical result

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Research and clinical practice based

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Modern digital laboratory Modern digital laboratory

Verified by the clinicians and research

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DIGITORR innovations DIGITORR innovations

Translating research into clinical practice

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Total fit worklows

Step 1

Treatment planning. Digital patient model.

Step 1
  • Examination
  • Image acquisition
  • Reference objects
  • Alignment
  • Verification
  • Restorative treatment plan

Step 2

Guides and immediate prosthetics

Step 2
  • Implant and abutment selection
  • Guide design and manufacturing
  • Immediate prosthetics design and manufacturing

Step 3

Guided surgery and loading strategy

Step 3
  • Guided impant positioning
  • Confirmation
  • Primary stability
  • Healing abutments
  • Immediate restoration or loading


Step 4

Digital impressions and registration

Step 4
  • Reference selection
  • Occlusion registration
  • Implant position registration
  • Repositioning accuracy

Step 5

Labaratory procedures

Step 5
  • Verification of registrations
  • Model fabrication
  • Abutment selection
  • CAD/CAM and 3D printing
  • Finalisation

Step 6

Delivery of final restorations. Follow-up

Step 6
  • Try-in
  • Fit evaluation
  • Passive-fit
  • Adjustments
  • Delivery
  • Follow-up
  • Maintenance
Digital-NONdigital implant surgery and prosthodontics
Digital-NONdigital implant surgery and prosthodontics
Total Rationale of Total FIT WORKFLOWS
Total Rationale of Total FIT WORKFLOWS
TOTAL FIT WORKFLOWS clinical and lab aspects
TOTAL FIT WORKFLOWS clinical and lab aspects
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DIGITORUM LAB specializes in providing the best quality of functional and esthetic dental prostheses  fabricated through the digital workflow and using the newest technologies. The lab is heavily involved in the research, evaluating the accuracy of digital impressions, bite registrations, 3D printing, and milling, implant guides, repositioning of prosthetic components, etc., which are constituent parts of TF workflow. Lab members participate in innovative research projects of DIGITORR team as well.

A new level of digital dentistry


With the help of most advanced technologies and continuously growing knowlege we are ready to offer the most advanced digital and conventional dentistry services, including:

  • Fixed and removable CAD/CAM or 3D printed restorations produced from the IOS data
  • 3D printing of models, splints and restorations
  • Superimpositions, 3D data analysis
  • Implant planning
  • Surgical guides design and 3D printing (implantology, periodontology, surgery)
  • Digital orthodontics (planning and fabrication of appliances)
  • Occlusal appliances
  • Pressed and milled ceramics
  • Refractory die technique
  • Digital treatment planning and simulation, based on face scanning, IOS and CBCT data.
  • Digital and analogue wax-ups and mock-ups.

TF Workflows – for modern digital implant prosthodontics

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Digital Oral Rehabilitation Research DIGITORR group

Creating innovative digital dentistry treatment concepts through the clinical and laboratory research

List of main publicationsList of main publications
Digital Oral Rehabilitation Research DIGITORR group
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Main reasearch projects:

Adip workflows

Accurate digital implantology and prosthodontics (TF) workflows


3D bioprinting in bone regeneration


Increase your patient awareness and improve treatment outcomes.

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